Best Coat Rack Wall Mount

Coat rack wall mount is simply a functional accessory designed to be installed in houses with a reception area. A heavy-duty coat rack wall mounted fundamentally offers a suitable place for people to hang their coats on while they are home.

This accessory makes it easy for people to slip in and out of their coats when moving in and out of the house. A coat rack is a perfect option for you if you have to get out of the house every day; all you need to do is leave your coat on the rack and just put it on as you’re going out the door.

Best Coat Rack Wall Mount

How Do You Hang a Coat Rack without Nails?

Installing a coat rack is easy and you don’t have to use nails to drill your wall. You can easily set an entryway wall-mounted coat rack without drilling. Follow these simple steps:

  • Step One: You should begin by ensuring that the wall where you plan to hang a coat rack is both clean and dry. Use a damp cloth to wipe it and remove any dirt or dust.
  • Step Two: Use a suitable mounting tape and cut it to the appropriate size you require. The best mounting tape should have high-performance adhesive on both sides. This adhesive should bond well with metal, glass, tile, brick, stone, and wood to ensure you can hang the rack virtually anywhere you see suitable for you. The mounting tape should also be able to hold up to 1.6lbs per square inch, which means it’s powerful enough to hold heavy coats that you’ll be hanging on it.
  • Step Three: Attach the tap on your coat rack. We recommend that you stick a strip across the entire length of the rack to ensure the hold is extra secure.
  • Step Four: Ultimately, get rid of the red plastic backing and then press your coat rack strongly against the wall. You must ensure that your rack is hanging straight (use a spirit level and draw a faint line with a pencil to guide you).

Once you have installed your coat rack, you should wait for at least 24 hours before you can hang anything on it. Waiting will allow the adhesive to bond properly with the wall.

How long should a wall coat rack be?

There are many types of coat racks, including wall-mounted coat racks with shelves and even decorative wall-mounted coat racks. The best coat rack wall mount is available in different sizes. It’s, therefore, up to the house occupant to choose which size is suitable for them.

The size depends on the number of racks you’ll be installing in the house. According to experts, the average coat rack height should be about five feet. Such a height will ensure that even long coats don’t touch the ground yet are easily reachable to almost anyone in the house.

What can I do with an old coat rack?

If you have an old coat rack and you’re wondering what to do with it, you can paint to make it look more modern and continue using it. Coat racks offer an excellent means of hanging coats and jackets. They offer easy accessibility for the coats and save a lot of time for busy people.