The Best Laptop Case

A laptop is a useful equipment in our daily activities. It holds important documents and it helps in any office work. Thus proper care needs to be taken not only to the software but also to the hardware. Moreover, the laptop is delicate if it falls or hits with a hard object. To protect it from breaking the case, you need to have the best laptop case.

When buying the best laptop case, always consider size, material/durability, and design. The best materials used should be shockproof, waterproof, and durable. A case with extra pockets is also good. The best laptop cases reviewed below are from Nacuwa, Thule, Incase Designs, Aqua Quest, KOPACK, KALIDI, and MOSISO.

Top 10 Best Laptop Cases

#1. MacBook Air 13 Inch Case

MacBook Air 13 Inch Case 2018 Release A1932, Nacuwa 360° Protective Sleeve for 2018 New MacBook Air 13-inch

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By Brand: Nacuwa

MacBook Air 13 Inch Case is a 360-degrees protective sleeve that is used with the new MacBook-air 13-inch. Additionally, this case comes in either black or gray color. Moreover, this case has an external size of 13.8 by 9.5 by 1.2 inches. It’s internal size measures about 13.4 by 9.1 by 0.8 inches. Above all, with this laptop case, you will offer 360-degree protection. This case has reinforced corners that offer premium drop-protection.

  • It’s a shock-resistant case
  • Has smooth-action and top-loading zipper
  • Features a carry handle & a big side pocket

#2. Thule Gauntlet 3.0 15″ MacBook Pro Retina Sleeve

Thule Gauntlet 3.0 15 MacBook Pro Retina Sleeve (3203250)

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By Thule Store

Thule Gauntlet 3.0 is a 15-inch MacBook case. Moreover, this laptop case comes in either storm/lichen, dark shadow, black, and Potion/Aruba hue. The case will offer an excellent fit to MacBook Pro which are 15-inches and have a Retina display. Additionally, the Thule laptop case has a rigid exterior that offers extra protection to one’s device. Moreover, this case has a cushioned interior. This will protect the hardware from scratches and bumps.

  • Comes with a clamshell design
  • Features a padded interior
  • It’s exterior is rigid, durable

#3. Gauntlet 3.0 MacBook sleeve 13”

Gauntlet 3.0 MacBook sleeve 13”

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By Thule Store

Gauntlet 3.0 MacBook sleeve is a 13-inch MacBook case. Moreover, this case is available in dark shadow and other different colors. Furthermore, this case comes with a rigid exterior that offers extra protection to one’s device. This stylish laptop sleeve comes with an improved corner & edge protection. Additionally, it has a padded interior that protects your hardware from scratches and bumps. This case fits devices that measure 12.4 by 0.7 by 8.6 inches.

  • Has a rigid exterior
  • Comes with improved corner & edge protection
  • The interior is padded for extra protection

#4. Incase Icon Sleeve for 15-Inch MacBook Retina

Incase Icon Sleeve for 15-Inch MacBook Retina (CL60658)

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By Incase Designs

Incase Icon Sleeve is suitable for 15-Inch MacBook Retina. Additionally, this case comes in a dark color. It’s made using a premium neoprene-outer panel that has layered over-faux fur. Furthermore, it comes with lined-interior walls for improved support. It also has a streamlined make designed thus offers a durable performance. Moreover, it has a magnetic snap-closure to protect your MacBook-Pro.

  • Has a streamlined construction
  • Comes with a magnetic snap closure
  • Made with premium neoprene material

#5. Aqua Quest Storm Laptop Sleeve

Aqua Quest Storm Laptop Sleeve - 100% Waterproof, Lightweight, Durable, Padded Case

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By Aqua Quest Store

Aqua Quest Storm Laptop Sleeve is a 13-inch case. Additionally, it’s available in black, blue, green, camo, and other hues. Moreover, it is also 100-percent waterproof-protection. The Aqua Quest-Storm boasts 20,000mm of hydrostatic-resistance. This will keep one’s laptop fully dry despite the conditions. Furthermore, it also comes with a protective characteristic which includes an improved removable 5mm neoprene sleeve.  This offers shock protection.

  • Have welded seams & a double-zip lock
  • Made with tough 420D-RipStop Nylon
  • Features a carry handle

#6. Incase Hardshell Case

Incase Hardshell Case for MacBook Air 13

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By Incase Designs

Incase Hardshell Case is suitable for use with MacBook-Air 13-inches with Retina Display. Moreover, this laptop hard case comes in black frost and more other hues. It’s designed to personalize & guard MacBook Air against impacts, bumps, and scratches. Moreover, this laptop hard shell case is made using ABS-plastic. It’s also crafted using premium Bayer-Makrolon polycarbonate. This makes the case durable, lightweight with reliable protection to your laptop.

  • Has ventilation to prevent overheating
  • Comes with rubberized feet
  • It’s lightweight and durable

#7. KOPACK Lightweight Laptop Backpack

KOPACK Lightweight Laptop Backpack USB Port 15.6 Inch Business Slim Commute Travel Bag

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By kopack Store

KOPACK Lightweight Laptop Backpack comes in charcoal black and other hues. Moreover, it’s outer material is made using nylon. This backpack has a capacity of 23 liters and weighs about 1.56 Pounds. Additionally, this best laptop carrying case comes with shoulder straps & waist straps which are adjustable. This backpack has an anti-theft secreted laptop zone. Furthermore, it has an external USB-port and a cable thus, charging devices will be convenient. The straps are made using high elastic plus breathable sponge & fabric.

  • Fitted with a ring-type flexible hasp
  • Features external USB-port
  • Has anti-theft secret laptop zone

#8. Nacuwa Protective Laptop Case

Protective Laptop Case 13 to 13.3 Inch Computer Carrying Sleeve for 2018 New MacBook Air,

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By Nacuwa

Nacuwa Protective Laptop Case comes in black and Camouflage color. This laptop case is compatible with more laptops. Some include MacBook-Air 13-inch, ChromeBook, MacBook Pro Dell XPS, and more. Furthermore, it has a shockproof laptop case hard shell which offers shock resistance from collisions, drops plus other impacts. This cover also repels water and keep-out dust thus, protecting your electronics. With internal sleeves, you will carry a laptop, notepad, mouse & other things in their specific organized pouch.

  • Offers 360-degree 4-layer protection
  • Has a safe zipper closure
  • Features a shockproof protector

#9. KALIDI Laptop Sleeve Bag

KALIDI Laptop Sleeve Bag for MacBook Air 13

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KALIDI Laptop Sleeve Bag is compatible with MacBook-Air 13”, MacBook Air-Pro Retina 13” and surface-Pro3 with Keyboard. Moreover, it’s also available in gold, gray, rose/gold, and mint/green hue. It’s interior is made using velvet material. This protects one’s laptop against shocks, dust, scrapes & scratches. Additionally, the outer side is made of the best-quality poly-urethane material. This makes it durable & offers environmental protection.

  • Has a light-weight & fashionable design
  • Best for working & daily usage
  • The interior is made of velvet material

#10. MOSISO Laptop Sleeve

MOSISO Laptop Sleeve Compatible with 13-13.3 inch MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, Notebook Computer, Water Repellent Neoprene Bag with Small Case, Peacock Green

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MOSISO Laptop Sleeve is compatible with a 13” to 13.3” MacBook Pro, Notebook Computer, and MacBook Air. Additionally, it’s available in Peacock Green and other different colors. Moreover, this sleeve case includes a water-repellent neoprene case and a small case. Additionally, it has a neoprene foam-padding layer & a fluffy-fleece material lining. This offers protection for bump & shock absorption.

  • It’s slim & lightweight
  • Compatible with more laptops
  • Includes small storage pouch-bag