The Best Laser Tag Guns

Does your family like playing shooting and aiming games using the best laser tags? Well, you understand that buying the best laser tag gun could make the game more interesting. When purchasing laser tag guns, certain features are best if taken into consideration.

For instance, you can find them in different modes, including pistol, rocket, machine gun, or shotgun. Other features may include but are not limited to design, quality, skills, and play area. Dynasty toys laser tag proves to be ideal, but without a genuine product review, you won’t identify other better brands.

Therefore, it’s best to get a buying guide to land on a high-quality one. Please have a look at our top 10 best laser tag set 2021 review.

Top 10 Best Laser Tag Guns

#1. NessToy ArmoGear Laser Tag Guns

ArmoGear Laser Tag – Laser Tag Guns with Vests Set of 4 – Multi Player Laser Tag Set for Teenager Kids and Adults – Home or Backyard & Outdoor Game for Kids, Adults, and Family

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By ArmoGear Store

Armogear laser tag uses – 0.9mW infrared technology that’s 100% child safe and double also as receivers. Moreover, you can switch between rocket, machine gun, pistol, and shotgun to complete victory. This best choice laser tag gun features an invisible mode that allows you to hide from your enemies by putting off your light. If you prefer shooting at night, then use the night vision flashlight, none of your opponents will escape your eyesight. Finally, the target vest protects you from the shots thrown at you.

  • 150ft shooting range
  • 4 sets require 24 AAA batteries
  • Playable by four teams

#2.  Play22 Infrared Laser Tag Sets 4 Vests 4 Guns

Play22 Laser Tag Sets Gun Vest - Infrared Laser Tag Set 4 Guns 4 Vests - Laser Tag Gun Toys for Indoor Outdoor - Laser Tag Game Set Best Gift Boys Girls – Original

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By Play22 Store

Designed for both body and girls of 8 years and above, Play22 Infrared Laser Tag has a shooting range of 130ft. Its best choice laser tag for Four teams as the provided four guns and four vest makes it all fun. Also, laser tags produce high-quality sounds and four unique colors (White, green, blue, and red). Moreover, you’ll receive four gun types, i.e., shotgun (6bullets), pistol (12bullets), machine gun (6bullets), and a rocket launcher (1missile). Whenever you shoot, you’ll feel real-time vibration for improved gaming

  • You need 28 AA batteries
  • Strictly meets 100% USA regulations
  • Safe laser lights

#3. MESIXI Infrared Laser Tag Guns

Infrared Laser Tag Guns Set of 4 Players with 4 Guns 4 Vests 4 Tactical Masks 4 Protective Glasses Laser Tag Gun Toys for 8 9 10 11 12 13 Year Old Boys Ideas for 8 10 12 Year Old Boys Girls

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By Brand: MESIXI

Mesixi laser tag comes with four guns, four tactical masks, four vest, and four protective glasses. Both the vest and guns use 3 AA batteries, meaning you’ll require 24 AA batteries. Also, you can use different shooting modes, including pistol (12bullets), machine gun (16bullets), shotgun (6bullets), and rocket (1missile). When hit by pistol, shotgun, machine, or rocket, you’ll lose 1, 2, 2, or 3 lives, respectively. When you have the vest on, you’ll have a total of nine lives.

  • CPSC and ASTM F963-17 approved
  • Best for kids above 13 years
  • Beat for four players

#4. Nerf Official 926922050 Multiplayer Laser Tag Guns

Nerf Official Lazer Tag Phoenix LTX Tagger 2-pack - Fun Multiplayer Laser Tag Game for Kids & Adults, Ages 8 & Up (Amazon Exclusive)

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By Brand: NERF

Two Nerf Lazer Tag Phoenix LTX blasters produce light sound and vibration whenever you fire a bullet. Players can set levels, for instance, beginner level for 25 hits or advance level for ten hits before you can reload the gun. Moreover, it uses high end and recyclable material that is safe for your kid. The Lazer tag blasters manufactured by Nerfy are interchangeable and compatible, meaning you can purchase extra triggers and play with more than six players.

  • Best eight years and above
  • Child safe class-1 LED infrared light
  • Do not need vests

#5. Kidzlane Store 4 set Laser Tag Guns

Kidzlane Laser Tag – Laser Tag Guns Set of 4 – Multi Function Lazer Tag Guns for Kids 4 Players – Indoor, Backyard, Outdoor Game for Kids, Adults, and Family

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By Kidzlane Store

Are you smarter than the bulletproof monk? Proof your skills and experience in a fun toy shooting session. Sing Kidzlane professional laser tag guns that come in sets of four; you can play with up to four team members. Moreover, the laser produces white, Red, blue, and green lights. Players like Thanos require powerful ammo; maybe the rocket setting will kill him faster. However, you can change the ammo setting to a submachine gun, shotgun, or pistol. Laser Blasters produce light and vibrate during a shootout.

  • 130ft shooting range
  • Best for kids with 8years and above
  • Require 16 AA batteries

#6. Best Choice Products SKY2862 4 Pack Kids Laser Tag Set

Best Choice Products Kids Laser Tag Set Multiplayer Mode, 4 Pack

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By Best Choice Products Store

Using the multiplayer mode, you can invite other teams and play together. With the blaster settings of the piston, submachine, shotgun, and missile launcher, you can choose what guarantees you absolute victory. When you begin the fight, you have nine lives indicated by the three lights, so strive to retain them throughout the game. There is an infrared receiver that helps in tracking and registering hits. On the other hand, the infrared lights have a striking range of 130ft though its best for 8+ years kids

  • Compatible with SKY4892 and SKY4893 models
  • Produce realistic sounds, lights, and vibration
  • 130 feet shooting range

#7. Laser X 88016 2-Player Laser Gaming Set

Laser X 88016 Two Player Laser Gaming Set

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By Brand: Laser X

The set includes two receiving vests that protect you for your foe while also indicating your lives. Included are two powerfully and ergonomically designed laser x blasters that make the game look real even though it’s a toy game. Also, 6 AA Duracell batteries keep your machine active through the game. Unlike other laser tag set with vest,  Laser X 88016 best choice laser tag can shoot up to 200 inches feet away. Finally, there are interactive soundtracks & sound effects.

  • Voice coach provides tips and gaming guidelines
  • Work with other Laser X set
  • Best for 6-15 years kids

#8. NERF E2281 AlphaPoint Laser Ops Pro Toy Blasters

AlphaPoint Nerf Laser Ops Pro Toy Blasters - Includes 2 Blasters & 2 Armbands - Light & Sound FX - Health & Ammo Indicators - for Kids, Teens & Adults

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By Brand: NERF

War has just broken out, and you have to defend your town, will you survive Crisis on Earth-X? With these professional laser tag guns designed for teens, children, and adults, you can win the war. Mark you, the kit provides unlimited ammo, exclusive sound effects, and a quick reload option that ensures accuracy and timing. This kit comes with two armbands essential for safeguarding your smart devices but not your smartphone. The blasters also have a sleek design and feature health-friendly material protecting children’s health.

  • 225 feet shooting range
  • best choice laser tag for family
  • require 8 AA batteries

#9. Black Series 2-Player Set Electronic Laser Tag Guns

Black Series Two-Player Set Electronic Laser Tag

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By Black Series

Take your toy shooting game to another level by using these professional laser tag guns. It features an inbuilt sound effect that adds real-time experience whenever shooting someone. Moreover, the chest plate has blue lights, and every time you are fired, it will take records. The building Pump-action barrel and LED ensure your competitiveness where there are crazy shootouts. You receive six strikes, count yourself out of the game, so, defend yourself. Furthermore, the infrared beans ensure long-range shooting.

  • Best for two players
  • Chest plate record hit counts
  • Vest set with genuine infrared beams

#10. USA Toyz 2Packs Laser Tag Toy Guns

USA Toyz Laser Tag Toy Guns for Boys and Girls - 4pk Kids Toys Multiplayer Shooting Game Lazer Tag Set 4 Laser Tag Guns for Kids and Adults

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By USA Toyz Store

professional laser tag guns, best laser tag set 2021, armogear laser tag, dynasty toys laser tag, laser tag set with vest, Mesixi laser tag, best choice laser tag. This is among the best choice laser tag guns as you don’t need a vest as it presents improved gun target tech. The blasters also have gun reloads, team selectors, and life meter functionality for natural maneuvering and customizing weapons. Moreover, it uses less than 1mW infrared beams, which are kid-safe and allow 130ft shooting range. You can also play indoors or outdoors merely by choosing your best ammo from the selection of submachine gun, rocket launcher, pistol, and shotgun. Every toy gun needs 4 AA batteries to function

  • Available in white and blue color
  • Best for kids with 6+ years
  • Produces sound, light, and vibration