The Best Lift Top Coffee Table

Most of the time, we are busy doing various tasks, and we need adequate space for multitasking. These coffee tables have designs that make our work easier. Coffee tables are not intended just for placing coffee on top.

Furthermore, an example of a coffee table like the lift top coffee table Ikea is designed in such a way that you can combine two tables to get a bigger one hence more space. Moreover, some of the lift top coffee tables have hidden compartment construction where you can store more stuff, thus convenient.

Therefore here are the best lift top coffee tables that are attractively structured and efficient.

Top 10 Best Lift Top Coffee Table

#1. AcmeCalnan Dark and Chromium Coffee Table

Acme Calnan Lift Top Coffee Table, One Size, Black and Chrome

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By Acme Furniture Store

If you want to ornate your house with a classic coffee table, you might want to try the Acme lift top coffee table. Furthermore, it’s fancy since most of its body has a wooden material of a high quality infused with glass. Moreover, it comes with a mirror engineered to check yourself out hence bringing out the traditional features. Therefore it’s a dual lift top coffee table that enables you to organize your things enhancing cleanness easily.

  • Chromium attractive design
  • Infused designed mirror
  • Easy to assemble

#2. Mix Lift Top Coffee Table

MIX Coffee Table, WALNUT

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By In the Mix

Firstly one of the best features of this coffee table is its design, which has dark brown hardwood material, the color that most people prefer. Furthermore, the lift top has adequate storage space for you to put anything you want. Moreover, it has refined legs with a chromium style. Besides, it’s a double lift top coffee table that means more storage space for you. Another thing is you don’t need to worry about it getting scratched because the melanin lamination protects it against stains.

  • Laminated resistant to scratch
  • Chromium refinement legs
  • Adequate storage room

#3. Magnussen DarkGrey Attic Coffee Table

Magnussen Garrett Lift-Top Coffee Table in Weathered Charcoal

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By Brand: Magnussen

If you like dark grey weathered coffee tables, then you can try Magnussen lift top coffee table. Furthermore, this table won’t disappoint you since it features quadruple sliding doors that provide more storage space for your essentials. Furthermore, it’s pinewood, and metal materials construction makes it stronger and sturdy for increased durability. Another thing is no need to worry about dust, or if you are allergic to dust, this table is tightly sealed hence making it dustproof.

  • Wheeled assembled for movement
  • Attractive attic design
  • Made with dust proof seal

#4. Ashley Signature Structure MixedDrink Coffee Table

Signature Design by Ashley Woodboro Lift Top Cocktail Table Dark Brown Finish

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By Ashley Store

If you love cocktails, you might want to choose the best table to mix your drinks. Ashley Signature coffee table is a modern lift top coffee table with chocolate color together with classic features. Furthermore, it has quadruple engineered drawers hence more storage places. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about lifting the heavy coffee table from one place to another. It has wheels assemblies that enhance portability. Therefore you will love it once you start using it.

  • Adequate storage space
  • Its easily portable
  • It’s easy to assemble

#5. Sauder BrightRed Safeguarding Coffee Table

Sauder 424817 Palladia Lift Top Coffee Table, Split Oak Finish

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By Sauder Store

The Sauder coffee table is amazing. It provides maximum working space by lifting the top both upwards and forward. Furthermore, we all have personal things that we would want to use daily. Well, I am happy to tell you that this coffee table has a deep storage space designed specifically for that hence you can hide all the chaotic stuff that you want. Moreover, it has open shelves, which means more storage space.

  • Cherry finished sides
  • Up and forward lift tops
  • Open designed shelves

#6. Sauder Liquid Black Coffee Table

Sauder Edge Water Lift Top Coffee Table, Estate Black finish

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By Sauder Store

If you are a busy person and you would like adequate space where you can perform various tasks, use the Sauder multipurpose black coffee table. Its features allow easy upward and forward lifting to provide extended space surface. Furthermore, it has a deep hidden storage space on the top shelf. Moreover, it also has adequate open shelves for you to store more stuff. Besides, its refined and smooth sides make it attractive, meaning you can position it anywhere in your house.

  • Up and forward lift tops
  • Fancy black finish
  • Top obscure storage

#7. AmazonBasics Dark Coffee Table

AmazonBasics Lift-Top Storage Coffee Table, Black

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By AmazonBasics Store

It’s a small lift top coffee table that fits in any room. Furthermore, it’s also designed with firm wood material with finishing on all sides hence attractive. Moreover, the top shelf can lift upwards and forward and provide an adequate working area. Besides, it offers more storage space for keeping things keeping the room clean as well as displaying your decorations. It’s easy to assemble and designed specifically for those who love black.

  • Raised spacious surface
  • Durable coffee table
  • Adequate storage space

#8. Zinus DarkBrown Coffee Table

Zinus Woodrow Wood and Metal Coffee Table

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By Zinus Store

The coffee table has a dark brown Woodrow material in a rectangular shape, a unique design that’s appealing and lovely. Furthermore, for those who like the rustic style, this coffee table is a country styled with rough features; hence you will love it. Moreover, you won’t need lots of time to assemble it. It has a pinewood and metal material with firmness; hence it lasts longer. Therefore it’s a rustic lift coffee table designed with metallic legs and decorative features making it appealing.

  • It’s easy to assemble
  • It has a rustic style
  • It is long-lasting

#9. DorelLiving Marbleize Artificial Dark Coffee Table

Faux Marble Lift Top Coffee Table, Black

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By Dorel Living Store

DorelLiving manufactures its coffee table using an artificial marbleized top that is firmly engineered with wood material making it fancy. Furthermore, it has the best lift top coffee table mechanism designed with hinges designed for lifting the top hence revealing obscure storage spaces. Moreover, you have to make sure the top is empty before lifting the top shelf. Besides, you don’t have to worry about occupation space, its small lift top coffee table that fits anywhere in the room.

  • Marbleize artificial top
  • Obscure storage space
  • Flexible mechanical hinges

#10. Ashley Alymere Signature Style Coffee Table

Signature Design by Ashley Alymere Coffee Table with Lift Top, Rustic Brown

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By Ashley Store

It’s a rustic lift top coffee table designed with metal wood material on the top. Furthermore, this best coffee table frame has a metal construction while the legs feature a sinuous style structured, making it attractive to the buyer. Moreover, it has a double drawer and a shelf for adequate storage space. Also, it comes with detailed instructions, thus easy to assemble. Designed with firmness and durability in mind, it will last longer than you can imagine. You’ll love this table because it also has an Almere accent.

  • It’s easy to assemble
  • Occupies less space
  • It is durable