The Best Paper For Copic Markers

Unlike the past, when people used nonreliable marker pens, they can enjoy the newly introduced marker pens. It doesn’t matter whether your drawings are for commercial or personal use; you’ll need the best tools. However, Copic markers make work more interesting as they are double-sided and can be refilled when it’s out of ink.

Moreover, the main challenge many artist experiences is finding the best paper for Copic markers. The main reason is that some sheets don’t provide the smooth drawing surface, while others may not allow drawing on both sides. However, our extensive research is a review of Top 10 best papers for Copic markers.

The Best Paper For Copic Markers

#1. Arteza 4336941879 Sketch Book

ARTEZA 5.5X8.5” Sketch Book, Pack of 3, 300 Sheets

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Arteza produces high-quality sketchbooks with papers you can use to draw, doodle, color, or sketch whatever you like. Furthermore, you’ll get three sketchbooks, each having 100 acid-free drawing sheets. Unlike other Copic marker friendly papers, Arteza 4336941879 proved an ample space of 5.5*8.5 inches, so whether you want to draw, take your time because you’ve enough space. Finally, the books have  spiral bound while the sheets are perforated meaning you can easily detach a page or the book

  • Three 100sheets books
  • Thick marker paper 68lb./100gsm
  • 5.5*8.5 inches paper sizes

#2. Bianyo BN-5801 Marker Paper

Bianyo BN-5801 Bleedproof Marker Paper Pad-A

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By Bianyo

The thin 70gsm Bianyo BN-5801 marker paper uses a small amount of ink from your Copic marker, but it’s also bleed-proof. This book provides 50 sheets, each Measuring 8.27*11.69 inches provides a better drawing space.  When looking for Copic marker friendly paper, remember that this book features Acid-free, ultra-smooth, and pH neutral papers. Furthermore, its size allows artists to put their thoughts into drawing without missing details. It’s lightweight hence easy to carry and won’t overload your backpack.

  • Weighs 70 grams/square meter
  • 50 acid-free drawing sheets
  • A4(8.27*11.69 inches) paper pad

#3. Crescent Cardboard 12-00017 Sketchbook

Crescent Creative Products 8-inch RENDR Wire-Bound Sketchbook

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By Crescent Creative Products

Crescent Cardboard 12-00017 features a design with dual wire spiral binding that holds the sheets together and makes it easy to remove a page. Furthermore, it’s among the best sketchbook for Copic markers as its advanced technology makes both sides of the sheets usable. Additionally, its 8×8-inch dimension provides enough space for drawing besides using 8 square formats. Compared with other best cardstock for Copic markers on the market, its 180gms/110lb weight makes it stand out as the best option.

  • Acid-free drawing papers
  • Fold over completely
  • 8inches RENDR Wire-Bound Sketchbook

#4. Crescent Cardboard  12-00010  Sketchbook

Crescent Creative Products 5.5 8.5-Inch RENDR Hardbound Sketchbook

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By Crescent Creative Products

Made with a soft-touch cover, Crescent Cardboard  12-00010   will serve you long before it starts to wear off. Also, with the adoption of Render no-show thru technology, you can comfortably use both sides of the sheets. It’s considered the best printer paper for markers because of its heavy-duty Smyth sewn binding that holds the sheets in position.​ Finally, you can carry it easily in your bag as it weighs 180g, and also, it’s acid-free, meaning none of your Copic custom paper will be affected.

  • 5.5×8.5 inches  papers
  • Soft-touch cover
  • Two-sided sheets provide enough drawing space

#5. Canson 100511047 Marker Pad

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By Canson

From our lists, this is the best thick marker paper with 9×12-Inch dimension making it best for designs and drawing. Furthermore, the paper is translucent and works best with Copic markers, pencil, pens and  even alcohol/solvent markers. Also, you’ll get a total of 50 sheets all for your drawing, which is acid-free and weighs 70gsm. The design used in manufacturing these papers ensures they don’t bleed through so you can easily organize your drawings. Beside folding over, they are also white.

  • Semi-translucent paper
  • Contains 50 sheets
  • Weighs 18 pounds/ 70gsm

#6. Winsor & Newton 6002001  Marker Pad

Winsor & Newton Bleedproof Marker Paper Pad,

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By Winsor & Newton

When you need the best paper for a Copic marker, opt for 50 sheets Winsor & Newton 6002001   notebook. When you need a larger drawing, you want to be disappointed because the papers have a dimension of 9×12 inches. Moreover, the papers are 100% acid-free meaning you can use it on any kind of Copic markers. Also, its bleed proof and markers don’t affect your drawings. Finally, it has a weight of 20lb/25gsm which will fit perfectly in your backpack, and you won’t struggle with excess weight.

  • 50 9×12 inches sheet
  • 25grams per meter square
  • 100% acid free increase durability

#7. Bee Paper BEE-20001 Creative Marker Book

Bee Paper Company BEE-20001 Creative Marker Book

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By Bee Paper Company

Featured as paper for Copic markers Michaels is due to its 5½x8 inches sizes, making drawing more comfortable and seamless. Furthermore, this book comes packed with 50 sheets so it may take you time to fill up these spaces.  Again, we love the marker book because it is acid-free, smooth, and white, thus allowing detailed artwork that is readable. All these sheets are connected with a double wire binding, creating a flat drawing surface and work with crow quill pens, Copic markers, and many more.

  • 110 pounds weight
  • 50 acid-free sheets
  • Double wire binding

#8. Bee Paper 926T30-8511 Marker Pad

Bee Paper Company 926T30-8511 Bleedproof Marker Pad

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By Bee Paper Company

Our maker pad works best on crow quill pens, water-based and permanent markers, and technical pens since its bleed proof. Also, it provides Ultra-smooth drawing surface, so, when using your Copic maker, you’ll enjoy sketching awesome pictures. The pare has a measurement of 8½ x 11 inches size, thus best cardstock for Copic markers. With 30  natural white sheets, it is easy to make use of all those colors that you feel will make your drawing look presentable and attractive to your target audience.

  • Acid-free design and natural white sheet
  • Tape bound notebook
  • 8½ x 11 inches paper size

#9. Strathmore 350-9 Sketch Pad

Bee Paper Company 926T30-8511 Bleedproof Marker Pad

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If you need the best paper for Copic drawing, you can buy Strathmore 350-9 which comes with 100 papers. Furthermore, the papers are acid-free; hence your drawings can last longer than when you draw on an ordinary paper. This sketch pad binds together the 100 sheets into a single pad through the perforated wire binding. Finally, it is lightweight and with a smooth drawing surface and can be used with graphite pencils, sketching stick and Copic markers.

  • 9×12 inches sheet size
  • 100 papers for your class practice session
  • Perforated binding wire

#10   Strathmore 342-9 Bristol Smooth Pad

Strathmore 300 Series Bristol Smooth Pad

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By Strathmore

Having been designed with 9×12 inches papers, artists will appreciate this drawing pad even though they are only 20 sheets. Furthermore, the book weight 270gsm, though more substantial than other sketch pads, can serve you for a longer time. Because the notepad is acid-free and with a smooth surface, it will be best for detailed beautiful artwork that’s durable. Strathmore uses a tape bound to hold the 20 sheets together that makes it easy to remove a page or open it.

  • 20 sheets per sketch pad
  • Heavy-Bristol weight paper
  • Made in the USA