Best Semi Flush Mount Ceiling Light

You can install a semi-flush light in a space that’s too small for a high-end chandelier but still need that unique decorative touch. Large semi-flush mount ceiling lights are suitable for small home entryways and hallways.

Best Semi Flush Mount Ceiling Light

What is a semi flush mount ceiling light?

Semi-flush ceiling lights extend below the ceiling providing a more widespread illumination compared to flush mounts as the light can effectively escape through the top and the bottom of the globe.

The semi-flush mount light fixture is suspended in a way that leaves a small gap between the ceiling and the fixture. That gap enhances an up-lit effect and provides a straight downward light.

These types of ceiling fixtures offer a better atmospheric light effect compared to flush mount fixtures. They are ideal and preferred by many for living rooms.

What Size Should My Ceiling Light Be?

You must go for the right size of your ceiling light. Generally, there’s a simple formula that you can utilize to determine the ideal ceiling light size for your room.

The formula requires you to measure the width and length of your room, adding the two numbers together and then converting the total into inches. For instance, you have a room with 12 x 15 feet (Width by Length); your ideal ceiling fixture ought to be 27 inches wide.

Best Semi Flush Mount Ceiling Light

How do you install a semi-flush ceiling light?

The steps of installing a large semi-flush mount ceiling light are simple to follow and execute. All you need to have is a screwdriver, flush mount ceiling light fixture, and a light bulb. Follow the steps:

  • Step one: Ensure you turn off the power from the switch breaker to the area you’ll be installing the light.
  • Step two: Depending on the light fixture type you have purchased, you might need to remove the bracket fixed to the junction box. If the new light fixture fails to match your old type of mount, you must remove the bracket out of the junction box to change the screws.
  • Step three: Wire your new light fixture. The majority of fixtures most come with three wires, including green (grounding wire), black (carries the electric current to the light), and white (neutral wire carries the current away from the light). Note: You should follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer and connect each corresponding wire from your fixture to the wires within the junction box. 
  • Step four: Mount your light fixture’s base and install the light but. Line up the base and ensure that the screws are also lined up. Twist the base in the clockwise direction to get it into place so that the screws are well-connected. Using the screwdriver, tighten the screws to ensure the light fixture is not only secure but also flush against your ceiling.
  • Step five: Install the ideal size light bulb inside the sockets of the light fixture
  • Step six: Following the instructions offered by the manufacturer, install the shade covering or dome by connecting it to the fixture’s base and you’re done! When you master the installation process, you’ll also know how to replace your flush mount ceiling light.

Can You Put a Semi Flush Mount Light on a Sloped Ceiling?

Yes, but not recommended. Flush mount lighting should be directly installed against the ceiling. You can still use this type of lighting for sloped ceilings. However, this lighting isn’t recommended for sloped ceilings as these types of ceilings are taller than normal. Flush mount lighting is perfect on low ceilings.